I just got back to LA from my 2 week trip to Boston and ate at my FAVORITE restaurant in Boston twice in the last week. Mamaleh’s is a Jewish deli/restaurant in Kendall Square that opened last year. The location replaced West Bridge, which used to be my husband and my faaaavorite restaurant.

The first time I went to Mamaleh’s I had no idea that it would become my GO TO restaurant that I absolutely have to visit whenever I’m in town. They cure, brine, roast, smoke, braise and steam all of their hormone & antibiotic free meats in house. The quality of their meats really speaks for itself. Some of the best pastrami I’ve ever eaten. Ever. I’m not a pastrami connoisseur by any means but I’m telling you this is the bees knees, you have to try it.

They also bake their own bagels, bialys, challah and sweets. I’ve ordered their House Salmon Lox with their pumpernickel bagel and I really loved the texture and flavor of the bagel itself. Chewy but also soft and slightly sweet, which complemeted their house cured salmon lox. I also really like the scallion cream cheese it was served with.

House Salmon Lox w/ Pumpernickel Bagel
House Salmon Lox w/ Pumpernickel

Out of the several times I’ve gone to Mamaleh’s, I’ve only ever strayed from my go-to  order of a Rachel on marble once. For those unfamiliar with Rachels, it is a Reuben sandwich with coleslaw instead of sauerkraut. The Rachel at Mamaleh’s is out of this world. The Russian dressing is creamy and slightly tangy and they toast the whole sandwich (pressed maybe?) so the exterior of the sandwich has the texture of a buttery grilled cheese.



I also order their latkes whenever I go. I think I’ve only ever eaten latkes a couple of times prior to my Mamaleh’s obsession, but I never was a fan because it was always either too soggy or the flavor was off. The ones at Mamaleh’s are perfectly crisp, with the right ratio of potato to onion to matzah and it’s served with apple sauce and sour cream. There’s literally absolutely nothing to not like about this dish (unless you don’t like fried foods or potatoes…)


Another must order is their pickle plate. They make all their pickles in house as well and they also have these pickled green tomatoes that have the perfect tartness. The texture of the pickled green tomatoes remind me of a super fresh nectarine (as you can probably tell, I’m a huuuuge texture person when it comes to food).

I’ve tried a couple of their baked goods and they were (as expected) delectable! I have only ever eaten a Black and White cookie once which I purchased in the North End and did not enjoy it at all. The one at Mamaleh’s, however, was soft, buttery and the icing on the top was soooo good. I tried ordering it again last Sunday but they were sold-out 😥 I also ate a slice of their chocolate cake which was velvety, rich, moist and probably up there with one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve had. DEFINITELY order dessert, it’s a must! The photos below don’t do it justice T_T


The service at Mamaleh’s is great. There is one server that I’m not really fond of, but all the other servers I’ve ever had were super accommodating, kind and friendly. I think if it weren’t for that one server I would have given this place 5 stars.

Customers collect points each time they dine and get some $$ off every $50 they spend. It’s a pretty good deal, especially if you frequent the place. I highly recommend making a reservation ESPECIALLY for Saturday or Sunday brunch! The place gets packed. If you’re ever in Boston make sure to nosh at Mamaleh’s 😉

Mamaleh’s – 4.8 out of 5 stars
One Kendall Square/Building 300
15 Hampshire Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
Ph: (617) 958-3354


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